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Horizontal and Vertical Cable Based Fall Arrest and Restraint Systems can be found on nearly all Industrial/Commercial and Public buildings ensuring a safe environment for operatives working at heights.

It is a legal requirement for the building Owner/Occupier to have thse types of systems inspected annually to BS 7883:2005 and the PPE to BS EN 365:2004, as non complience of the system could result in prosecution should an operative be injured if the system is not certified.

Here at FAST, we have over 16 years experience in the Fall Arrest Industry, from Installations to Inspections of Fall Arrest Systems including Horizontal and Vertical Cable and Rail systems, Free Standing and Fixed Guardrailing and Edge protection, Safety Eyebolts, Ladder Ties, Ladders and Abseiling points.

It is our aim to inform our clients before the system is due for inspection, which will allow time to carry out the inspection and provide peice of mind that they are then covered for the next 12 months.