We provide an accurate, safe and bespoke solution for your needs.


Our inspection / testing / recertification service. we take the headache out of your access maintenance.


We specialise in the design, Supply and Installation of load bearing Unistrut type x-ray room ceilings.


” We have used FAST for a number of years for several of our install jobs and also inspection work where required. They always deliver to a high standard and in a timely manner.”

Height Safety Specialists

Here, at F.A.S.T. we provide a simple yet necessary operation to guard against possible occurrences during routine works at heights on your buildings by other contractors.

Experienced Engineers

With over 16 years experience in the installation and inspection/testing of Fall Arrest Safety Cable Systems, Ladder Access Safety Systems, Safety Eyebolts and Ladder Ties, F.A.S.T are able to supply a cost effective solution to these requirements.

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We are fully accredited and can provide installation and inspection services direct to end-users or on behalf of clients under your umbrella. Discuss your requirements with us today.

Our Products

Lifeline / Mansafe

A line/cable system used to provide safe passage to engineers when walking on a roof.


Provide a flat non-slip surface allowing engineers to walk on a roof with reduced chances of slipping and removing pressure/damage to the roof material

Hooped Ladders

Vertical access system with safety hoops to allow engineers to access the roof.

Vertical Systems

Other forms of vertical access systems such non-hooped ladders, frames and cranes.

Barrier / Guardrail

Perimeter protection in the form of a physical barrier.


Eyelets that are fixed into points on a roof / wall. These can be used as anchor points for fall restraint purposes or even abseil purposes.

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